There is no specific scholarship program for these studies, but the following links might be useful for potential applicants. Interested persons should directly address the organizations providing the scholarships.
- Scholarship programs of the Spanish Ministery of Foreign affairs
- Scholarship programs of the Spanish Ministery of Education
- UPM scholarhips for foreign students

It is also possible to obtain grants from research groups involved to the program. These grants are associated to the collaboration of the master or PhD student in research projects. The research groups can be found in the following links. Applicants should directly address the research groups.
- Research groups of the Department of Signals, Systems and Radiocommunications
- Department of Electromagnetism and Circuit Theory
- Department of Photonic Technology

- Consejo Social UPM. Ayudas curso 2010-2011
- Subvenciones para favorecer la movilidad de estudiantes en enseñanzas universitarias oficiales de máster para el curso 2010-2011
- Ayudas a la publicación de artículos en revistas para el ejercicio 2010